SC Series Deluxe Hip Holster with Mag Pouch, Spring Clip & Composite Thumb Break

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Discover the pinnacle of quality and functionality with Soft Armor's SC Series nylon gun holsters. Engineered to exceed your expectations, this holster offers a comprehensive set of features for convenient and reliable firearm carry.

Featuring a built-in magazine pouch or shell loops (for revolvers), the SC Series holster ensures quick and easy access to your spare ammunition. With everything you need within reach, you can reload efficiently without compromising on response time.

Compact and lightweight, this holster provides a comfortable carrying experience without sacrificing performance. Its durable construction guarantees longevity, while the removable spring clip allows for easy attachment to a waistband or belt, enabling discreet concealed carry.

The SC Series holster is designed with your handgun's security in mind. The fully adjustable molded composite thumb break and webbing strap firmly hold your firearm in place, providing the peace of mind you deserve.

Please note that the metal spring clip is intended solely for stabilizing the holster by clipping it to the belt while the holster is tucked inside the waistband, ensuring optimal safety and retention.

The SC Series is available in over 40 different sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific handgun. To find the ideal holster for your firearm, consult our comprehensive size chart, which provides detailed information for accurate selection.

Experience the epitome of reliability and convenience with Soft Armor's SC Series nylon gun holsters. Don't settle for anything less than exceptional quality and performance.