R Series Hip Holster

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Upgrade your firearm holster experience with the Soft Armor R Series Holster—a perfect blend of functionality and value. Crafted using high-quality materials that align with our renowned holster line, this holster delivers exceptional performance while offering an incredible price point.

Rest assured that the R Series holster shares the same tough construction and lifetime guarantee as our premium options. You can trust its durability and reliability to meet your needs.

Designed with versatility in mind, this ambidextrous holster features sewn-on webbing belt loops for a secure fit on your belt. The fully adjustable Velcro retention strap ensures that your handgun remains firmly in place, providing peace of mind during carrying.

The R Series holster is available in a range of sizes, including the size 16 and 46 featured below. In fact, we offer over 40 additional sizes to ensure the perfect fit for your specific handgun. Refer to our comprehensive size chart above for more information on selecting the right size.

Experience the exceptional value and performance of the Soft Armor R Series Holster. Trust in our commitment to providing superior products that meet your needs without breaking the bank. Elevate your carrying experience today with a holster designed for both function and value.