OFF Series Hip Holster with Mag Pouch & Composite Thumb Break

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Discover the extraordinary Off Series Gun Holster—a pinnacle of convenience, functionality, and versatility. Designed to deliver quick and effortless access to your handgun, this holster offers exceptional storage options for added convenience.

Experience unmatched convenience with the built-in magazine pouch or shell loops (for revolvers). This considerate addition ensures that your spare ammunition is always at hand, enabling efficient reloads without compromising response time.

Crafted with a focus on compactness and lightweight design, the Off Series Gun Holster provides a comfortable carrying experience without compromising on performance. Its durable construction guarantees long-lasting reliability, while the fully adjustable molded composite thumb break and webbing strap securely hold your handgun in place, granting the peace of mind you deserve.

Please note that the 16 OFF model is showcased for illustrative purposes, but our Off Series Gun Holster is available in over 40 different sizes. To find the perfect fit for your specific handgun, we recommend consulting our comprehensive size chart. This invaluable resource provides detailed information to ensure an optimal match and enhance your overall experience.

Unlock the potential of the Off Series Gun Holster—a testament to convenience, functionality, and versatility. Elevate your carrying experience to new heights, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a holster designed to exceed expectations. Discover the perfect fit for your firearm today by exploring our wide range of sizes and experience a truly exceptional holster.

Upgrade your carry experience with Soft Armor's Off Series Gun Holster—a testament to reliability, convenience, and versatility. Trust us to deliver exceptional quality, performance, and a solution tailored to your needs. Prepare yourself for any situation with a holster designed to exceed expectations.